DeBeer Refinish on Social Media

Social media plays an increasingly important part in our personal lives but is now also all-over in the business world. Valspar Automotive has been active on social media for a few years and DeBeer Refinish also has its own Facebook page and Instagram account. On the official DeBeer Refinish Facebook page, you will find a range of items including the latest product news, technical advice, competitions, pictures of projects using DeBeer Refinish and short videos. The official DeBeer Refinish Facebook can be found using this link:

Instagram is used to post and share photos of interesting projects using DeBeer Refinish products. DeBeer Refinish’s Instagram username is officialdebeerrefinish.

 We want to share photos and stories from our customers on both Facebook and Instagram. Please feel free to email your input to the Marketing department: or send us a message via Facebook.