DeBeer Refinish makes it easy for you to perfectly colour match and achieve OEM-standard repairs on both simple and complex finishes. Bright Green Blue is a high quality toner that has been introduced to the DeBeer WaterBase 900+ Series for even better colour-matching abilities.

Precise Colour
We understand the importance of getting a precise colour match, the first time. DeBeer has pioneered some of the most advanced colour technology to make sure you can get a perfect match as quickly and accurately as possible. This new blue toner provides a solution that allows you to deliver OEM-standard refinish repairs.

Broader colour offering
The introduction of the Bright Green Blue toner expands our blue colour offering, improving your ability to match blue finishes. The new toner also means you can match other colours that require this shade of blue in formulation, ensuring outstanding results your customers will appreciate.

How to access the Bright Green Blue
Please ensure that your ICRIS software is up to date. The new colour formulations with the new Bright Green Blue toner are available on the latest update.