8-814 Fast Performance Clear

DeBeer 8-814 Fast Performance Clear is a new fast-drying clear that dries in just 10 minutes at 60˚C. It’s a user-friendly clear that can be applied in one visit delivering a high gloss final result.

Unlike other fast-drying clears, which are limited to small, fast repairs, the 8-814 can be used on spot repairs to medium-sized jobs, up to 5 panels, complete front end or complete side, with zero compromises on the finish quality. Its wide application window allows body shops to increase spray booth throughput, helping to improve the repair process while significantly reducing energy consumption and saving time, resources and materials.


8-814 Features and Benefits

The DeBeer 8-814 Fast Performance Clear and 8-810 Fast Performance Hardener are available now. For more information on the new DeBeer 8-814 Fast Performance Clear, please refer to the product brochure.

8-814 Fast Performance Clear