1-231 Fade-Out Thinner

DeBeer Refinish introduces the new 1-231 Fade-Out Thinner liquid. DeBeer is committed to developing its product portfolio to ensure it continues to offer solutions that improve body shop efficiency and process times.

The new Fade-Out Thinner is a welcomed addition that complements the current Fade-Out Thinner Aerosol within the DeBeer assortment.

1-231 Fade-Out Thinner

The new product is simple to use, offering an easy fade-out process. It can be mixed with any DeBeer Clears or 2K Topcoats to create a high-quality finish. It has excellent wetting properties, melts seamlessly into the blended area and creates a smooth transition into the existing finish, making the repair area invisible. It’s non-sensitive to sagging and can be applied in multiple layers.

For more information on the new DeBeer 1-231 Fade-Out Thinner, please refer to the product flyer.