1-60 Plastic Primer

The new DeBeer Refinish 1-60 Plastic Primer is the latest addition to the DeBeer primer portfolio. The new plastic primer comes in a 400mL aerosol allowing for quicker and easier application.


The DeBeer 1-60 Plastic Primer is a one-component plastic primer, formulated with special resins for improved adhesion on the most common plastics used in automotive refinish. The new aerosol packaging is ready to spray, with no mixing or gun setup required. The lower pressure of the aerosol also ensures difficult corners can be easily reached. It’s transparent, offers excellent gloss holdout and dries quickly for fast results.

1-60 Plastic Primer

For optimum performance, the 1-60 Plastic Primer can be used as an adhesion additive with the DeBeer 8-746 High Production Non- Sanding Primer, allowing for significant savings on application and drying times.

The 1-60 Plastic Primer can be used with all DeBeer Primers, DeBeer BeroBase 500, WaterBase 900+ Series and 2K Topcoats.

For more information on the new DeBeer 1-60 Plastic Primer, please refer to the product flyer