1-60 Plastic Primer

The new 8-914 Super Clear is the newest addition to the DeBeer clear portfolio. Formulated using the latest innovation, the clear provides extremely fast drying across all temperatures, while also allowing for energy cost savings.


The 8-914 Super Clear allows for an energy-efficient process that saves time, resources and costs while driving sustainable business for the body shop and planet. The 5-minute at 60°C dry time helps to shorten cycle times by 20 minutes when compared with a universal clear. This helps to increase productivity and spray booth throughput. For a more economical option the 45-minute air-dry helps to free up resources and create a more profitable workflow on the shop floor. 

Its versatile drying options are not the only stand out characteristics for this clear. It offers a excellent appearance and flow.


1-60 Plastic Primer


The DeBeer 8-914 Super Clear, 8-910 Super Hardener and 9-910 WaterBase 900+ Super Hardener are available now.