Ensure a seamless finish with the new MM9775 Translucent Magenta

The new Translucent Magenta enhances the WaterBase 900+ Series and provides body shops with the ability to match challenging red-coloured cars. Developed using ultra-transparent pigments, Translucent Magenta is a simple solution for several vehicle manufacturers with deep candy red finishes.

Challenging OEM Finishes

The new toner can be used with a variety of other colours including metallics to achieve a deeper finish. The Translucent Magenta can perfectly match the below OEM finishes for example:

  • Ford R3 Burgundy Velvet Pearl
  • Ford RR Ruby Red Metallic
  • Chrysler PRV Dark Garnet Red

The toner can also be used on other vehicle manufacturer car colours that are candy red in colour.

For more information on the new MM9775 Translucent Magenta, please refer to the product flyer.