Boosting body shop efficiency with air-drying sanding surfacer

Bid farewell to time-consuming priming processes and soaring energy bills. Use our fast-drying, fast-sanding DeBeer 8-347 Fast Surfacer to transform your workflow and eliminate the need for spray booth baking.

Efficiency unleashed

In the face of rising energy costs, our air-drying 8-347 Fast Surfacer is the solution to accelerate output’. With a 15-to-20-minute air-dry window, you’ll slash energy expenses, making your body shop more environmentally conscious and operations more efficient.

Accelerate throughput, elevate profits

Thanks to a significant boost in productivity, high-production body shops will experience shorter repair times, increased overall profits, and happier customers.

To take your body shop to the next level, click the link below to learn more about the DeBeer 8-347 Fast Surfacer, and place your order today!