Colour department

The aim of the colour department is to give a client a colour formula that he can use to make the right colour by using the De Beer Refinish varnishes. In order to do this we have to gather information about colours that are being used. This will lead to an overview of which colours have been and will be issued by car manufacturers. After that as many samples as possible of these colours are collected.

Practice has showed that as a consequence of a.o. different paint badges and different production locations of cars, colour differences between car types with the same colour code and name are visible. From the colour samples that have been gathered the standard colour and, if necessary, some variants are chosen. These samples are copied with our paint by our colour makers and are being made into a colour formulation. These formulas and the colour information that has been gathered before are being send to our customers four times a year on a CD-Rom, ICRIS.

Besides ICRIS the colour department also issues a Colour Box as another help to find the right colour. The colours on ICRIS are also linked to the Colour Box. At the moment a technology is being developed with which you can find the right formula even faster by using a spectrophotometer.