3 new toners: Better hiding power, higher productivity

Our WaterBase 900⁺ Series now includes three brand new toners. As these toners all deliver improved coverage and also have an excellent colour match, they will boost your productivity.

The new toners are:

MM920 Green - 0.5 L
* improved coverage and high colour strength.

MM947 Transparent Yellow: - 0.5 L
* excellent durability in every possible colour. Creates a greenish shade when used in metallics.

MM990 White - 1 L
* excellent coverage and colour strength, which boost productivity.

These colours can be ordered using the following numbers:
MM920 Green - 9920/.5
MM947 Transparent Yellow - 9947/.5
MM990 White - 9990/1

The new toners are available now and have also been included in the latest version of ICRIS (